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We're specialists, not generalists. Our company was founded by educators and is for educators, providing you with deep expertise in financial sectors that are extremely complex and changing daily. We offer unique solutions tailored to you and your family.

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Who Are We?

Thriving Teachers Today

Our Founders

William & Aarika Moon

William & Aarika Moon have over a decade of experience managing financial services brokerages. Drawing upon their experiences as a former school bus driver and high school teacher, their mission was clear: to empower educators the knowledge to safeguard their legacies while building wealth tailored to their unique circumstances.

Our Chief Marketing Officer

Israel Macias

Israel Macias is one of the most innovative and creative marketers you will ever meet. His experience with SEO and social media platforms is a key to helping spread the message of Thriving Teachers Today.

Our Team

In this age of technology, our team seeks top-of-the-line performance both in extending their outreach and in servicing clients. Through personalized financial education and mentoring, they guide educators and their families towards a brighter financial future, ensuring that their hard work and dedication translate into lasting prosperity for generations to come.

Educators We Serve - Client Testimonials

Kylie & Matt S.

Chandler, AZ

Thriving Teachers Today has been an amazing company to work with. The financial tools they use have changed our lives. Plus the free ongoing financial advice is amazing.

Bill & Holly B.

Hesperia, CA

We were planning on teaching until the day we died. But Thriving Teachers Today got us on track and to get an EARLY retirement. The educational approach on learning how to master money changed our lives.

Brad & Lisa V.

Queen Creek, AZ

Thriving Teachers Today taught us how to be financially responsible without any judgement for our lack of knowledge. This has brought so much peace of mind for our family and in our marriage as we discuss and make plans for our future with 4 kiddos. We are forever grateful!

Laurie C.

Mesa, AZ

These guys are super awesome and laid back. They made the process that can be really complicated, financial planning, super easy and affordable for my budget.

Melanie & Sebastien P.

Thatcher, AZ

We've been clients for over a decade and the education and service to our finances has been incredible. I wouldn't go anywhere else than with Thriving Teachers Today.

Brent & Melissa P.

American Fork, UT

We learned so much from Thriving Teachers Today and in a non-pressured environment. Knowing we will be debt free and multi-millionaires is an amazing feeling.

Ashley & Jeremy B.

Gold Canyon, AZ

Our experience with Thriving Teachers Today has been amazing. We learned a lot about mutual funds, life insurance and retirement, helping us make better decisions regarding this area of our finances.

Jacob & Lindsay P.

Boise, ID

Thriving Teachers Today has been very inspiring to our family to think bigger and reach for bigger goals and dreams. Knowing we are on track for ALL our financial goals and that it's within our budget is amazing.

Connor & Lydia G.

Gilbert, AZ

We personally got to meet and work with the founder and he's a very successful but genuine person. The way Thriving Teachers Today educates and treats people because they actually care about your goals. They have help me amass over half a million in financial assets at a young age.

Thriving Teachers Today - Our Story

We've been proudly serving the educational community since 2012. As seasoned experts dedicated to empowering teachers, educators, and school district employees, we've made it our mission to provide invaluable guidance for their financial journeys.

With a wealth of experience and a passion for education, our team has become a trusted resource for educators nationwide. From leading professional development training sessions in school districts across the country to offering specialized assistance tailored to the unique needs of educators, we're committed to helping teachers thrive both in and out of the classroom.

At Thriving Teachers Today, we understand the importance of making informed financial decisions. That's why we specialize in guiding educators through the intricacies of 403b retirement plans, ensuring they maximize their savings potential and secure a stable financial future. Additionally, we offer comprehensive life insurance solutions designed to provide peace of mind and protection for educators and their loved ones.

With Thriving Teachers Today by your side, you can trust that you're receiving expert guidance from professionals who genuinely care about your success. Join the countless educators who have benefited from our personalized approach to financial empowerment, and let us help you achieve your goals.

Experience the difference with Thriving Teachers Today - where educators come first, and financial success is within reach.

Thriving Teachers Today

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